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  • GstarCAD 2018

  • With great software performance and more efficient design tools, GstarCAD 2018 offers brand new experience in both architectural and mechanical design!

  • System: Windows Vista/7/8/10; Size: 185 MB; Date: 2017-09-06Learn more >
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  • GstarCAD 2017

  • GstarCAD2017 is developed with the new core technology, it has many innovative features and outstanding performance. By using the "block sharing" technology, RAM usage is significantly reduced, big drawings could be opened more quickly, and customers could enjoy smooth operations with GstarCAD2017.

  • System: Windows Vista/7/8/10; Size: 175 MB; Date: 2017-01-06
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  • GstarCAD Mechanical 2018

  • Covering all fields of mechanical design, GstarCAD Mechanical is professional designing and drawing software specially built for manufacturing.

  • System: Windows Vista/7/8/10; Size: 338 MB; Date: 2018-01-04Learn more >
  • GstarCAD Mechanical 2017

  • GstarCAD Mechanical 2017 drafting/design software, covers all fields of mechanical design. It supplies the latest standard parts library and is bidirectional compatible with ACM, now it also supports ACM6.

  • System: Windows Vista/7/8/10; Size: 327 MB; Date: 2017-03-08
  • GstarCAD Architecture 2017

  • GstarCAD Architecture is built-in architectural custom objects for creating agile construction drawings through comprehensive tools.

  • System: Windows Vista/7/8/10; Size: 372 MB; Date: 2017-07-21Learn more >
DWG FastView
  • DWG FastView for Web

  • No download or installation needed, easy view, share and print your CAD drawings.

  • Browser support:Internet explorer/Google Chrome/Mozilla FirefoxLearn More >
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  • DWG FastView for Mobile

  • View, edit, annotate CAD files on mobile, PAD, and share your design ideas anytime anywhere.

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  • DWG FastView for Windows

  • A light CAD viewer for fast, precisely and conveniently opening CAD files.

  • System: Windows Vista/7/8/10; Size: 57.7 MB; Date: 2016-07-26Learn More >
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